Photo or graphic image background breaks apart and displays with lines or blocks through it

Sometimes a photo or graphic image placed as an item in the background of your Freeway page will display with lines or blocks through it when viewed in a browser. This is caused by small differences in the default font size from browser to browser and also from the Mac platform to the PC platform which, if they increase, will force apart the "slices" (small elements of the overall background image).

The way to fix this is to use the photo or graphic image as a "Page Background". To do this, you will first need to edit your photo or graphic image to make it the correct size for how you are going to use it (for instance, if you want to use it a photo to cover the entire background of the page which is 900px wide, then the graphic must be sized in a graphic editing application to make it that size).

Once you've done that, delete the background item on the page then, with nothing selected on the page, go to the Paintbrush tab of the Inspector, click on the "Image" popup and choose "Select...". Navigate to the photo or graphic image and click Open.

You will now see two new popups which have appeared in the Inspector. These are the Vertical and Horizontal alignment popups. If you have a single graphic for the size of your page, you will probably want to choose Center for Horizontal and Top for Vertical.

You can also choose "Tile" which will repeat the image horizontally or vertically to the size of the brower window.