PHP Feedback Form has a javascript error

Hi Ashley,
Option C sounds good to me!
Please send me a copy of your Freeway file and a description of the
problems you are seeing and I’ll dive into this in the morning for you.
If the file is huge consider sending it with a service like this;

On 15 Nov 2009, at 20:21, Ashley Turner wrote:

Thanks Finlay. That answers the question of why my emails are
getting bounced back.
Onto the more important issue that has consumed my entire weekend…

I created a contact us form on my website using the PHP Feedback
Form Action. I encountered two error messages. I erased everything
and deleted the action and started all over recreating the form and
installing and setting up the action. Doesn’t work but with no error
messages. Then I did as Walter suggested and created a different
page with only the contact form etc on it without the calendar. It
is created with my usual master page but nothing else. In both
cases, there are no other actions on the page (that I have installed
to my knowledge.) Still doesn’t work.
I feel confident that I went through all of the steps thoroughly and

So I have a few options:

A. Say, “Eh, I didn’t want any pesky new clients to contact me anyway”
B. Abandon Freeway, which I really like and have invested countless
hours learning
C. Convince someone to help me. (BTW, I have been impressed with how
there has been staff answering questions all throughout the weekend.
I just haven’t gotten very far with getting an answer - possibly b/c
I was sending from another email than the one I registered from)

Thanks so much,

Ashley - Freeware and shareware actions for Freeway
Express & Pro.

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