PHP index file Help with hosting

Kia ora might I ask for assistance with the publishing of my site

At the moment is reads forbidden!

I chatted with the agent at A2 hosting and they instructed me to go to the public_html section and remove the index.php file which had the A2 logo on it.

I have deleted this file.

Now, I am supposed to upload a new index file with my own content on it to replace the automated one.

I havent been able to find where I can upload only the index file to the cpanel at A2

A2 said there is special code I get to be able to add my website main page.

Might I ask for assistance with the php, I dont think my website in Freeway has a workable home page?

Hi Sunshine,

Your site works for me.

One thing you might take up with A2 hosting is how to default to https rather than http. Safari says “Not secure” if I follow your link, but https seems to work if I add “https://” before the link.