From everyones experience, which is the best method for creating a portfolio - one with lots of images? I have tried lightbox, but find it cumbersome (probably just me).

I’m looking to have around 20+ images in 6 different catagories and just wondered if there were any methods / apps / actions / methods that work well with FW.

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The more images and section’s you put down the higher the probability that somebody is going to find something they don’t like. I’ve built my portfolio site using SlideShowPro and it’s worked well and is a convenient way to organize your sections.

PRO’s: No way for average users to “Save As…” Clean, organized, simple setup…affordable and customizable.

CON’s: Search-ability, Flash-based, and the pictorial interface can somehow be confusing for people.

Post a link so we can see your decision.

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