Pre-made Templates

I’ve been successfully using Freeway for years. But I still find Xway nearly incomprehensible. Much of the nomenclature and limitations in designing a page are foreign to me as a long time Freeway user. Is there some way you can offer pre-designed Xway templates? At least I can begin to create a usable website as I transition to Xway.

Hi Daniel,

There are some step-by-step tutorials on our website, along with sample documents that have been built from the tutorials. The sample documents are loosely based on Freeway’s Ambient template, and you’re welcome to use them as templates for your own website.

I’d encourage you to work through the tutorials, or at least the first tutorial, to get an understanding of how to create a flexible website. One of the major differences between Freeway and Xway is that Xway is designed to create modern flexible websites. It’s possible to do this in Freeway, using inflow layout, but it’s more difficult because Freeway wasn’t originally designed to do this.

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