Prevent Page from Publishing

Last I checked this wasn’t possible… BUT… Is there any way I can
prevent a freeway page from publishing? (I’m using FW Pro).

I have a FreeWay document that has all my eBay ads in it for one
company. I use FreeWay to write the code and GarageSale to upload the
auction to eBay. From that point on, I don’t want old pages being
changed in any way. Any change to the code on those pages seems to
“break” the page on eBay’s site.

What happens is sometimes I inadvertently make a change on all the
pages, FreeWay dutifully applies and publishes that change, all looks
great on the webpage. But… it creates a huge mess with my online
auctions. Sometimes I can revise the auction and fix it, but either
way, it is a problem I’d like to avoid.

Any ideas? FreeWay has a force republish feature… I guess I’m
looking for a “prevent republish” feature!


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Has anyone found a way to do this?

This would be an excellent addition to Freeway, as I have clients who update a page on their site with Adobe Contribute, which means that if I publish the site again after making a small change, it would overwrite any changes they have made.

Currently, I have to copy the changes they have made back into the Freeway file and then re-publish to make sure that I don’t screw things up.

Hopefully a solution will be forthcoming from Softpress in a future version if there isn’t a way to do it easily now.



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That would be an interesting feature however it would cause havoc when things were changed on other pages that also shared that page. The next obvious step would be a request from customers to prevent specific items from changing, but that might be a hard programming issue to handle since FW’s method is an all or nothing approach.

Interesting idea though.

Just off the top of my head, if you knew which pages were changing often couldn’t you just create individual Master pages of those pages only and then not touch them with 10 foot pole? It’d be more work but you’d have to anyways if you wanted to continue to use FW, right?

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Hi Dan,

It is indeed a tricky one.

I had another client where I had a similar site that they were updating and created the content separate to Freeway using php includes. This worked fine, as the content was never included in Freeway in the first place. I then just pointed Contribute to go to a start page which had links to the actual include files rather than the actual pages.

If I get some time, I may migrate their site to a similar method.

I probably should have built this site in a similar way in the first place.

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Hi Doty
yes it can be done but its not as clear and easy as you think

The only two ways I can think of doing this is with tims Source code Snooper action which once applied and you hit the edit button will lock the output of that page with that version of the html and the other way would be to use my script maker action on that page, open and copy the html output using a text editor into the actions popup window.
This method will also publish the hand written or copied code regardless what you did in freeway.

I hope this helps
all the best max

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Forgot to say using the script maker action in this way allows you to paste code or a complete html page from other people into freeway and it will produce the same html on publish… plus you still have all the benefits like: linking things like navigation to this bespoke page as if it was just like a normal freeway page.

As an experiment go to the apple website:

  1. right click to view source
  2. copy all the html
  3. then go back to freeway and use a blank page which has the scriptmaker action applied to it
  4. and paste all the content in the popup window and hit preview
  5. you will see that freeway has published the apple page perfectly

this took less that 10 seconds to do… yippppe :o)

All the best max

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