Preventing Pages from being Uploaded

If you have a page or some pages that you don't want Freeway to be accessible to visitors of your site then not uploading seems the obvious answer. Freeway doesn't support page level upload management so to do this you should:

  1. Make a new folder in your site (Page>New Folder) called something that isn't easily guessed (perhaps with an underbar/underscore at the beginning of it).
  2. Place all the pages you don't want to be accessible inside it.
  3. Remove any links to these pages, if you are using Freeway Pro then you can use the Link Map tool to see all of the links into (and out of) the page. If you are using Express then you will need to do this manually.
  4. Upload, Freeway will remove the original pages and recreate them in the new folder, because there are no links to the pages they will be inaccessible the those that don't know where they are.

When you want to publish the page just place it back where it was originally.