[Pro] A couple of things...

Not been on the new board as yet as have been pretty busy and not had too many questions, which I guess is a positive. However I have a couple of things which have been bugging me for a while. Here goes…

  1. I have a site which is quite large (splitting isn’t an option) and if I change one item on one page when I go to preview this change in Safari FW insists on publishing the entire site again rather than just the changes, this is very frustrating. Bug? All pages are based upon a Master page if that makes an difference.

  2. I have a type style that uses a ‘padding-left’ extended attribute, if I use this style in a cell then often when I edit the text FW puts and extra ‘padding-left’ around the text. The only way around this is to constantly have to style and re-style the text.

Hope these have not been covered before, couldn’t find anything…

Thanks in advance

(FW ver 5.4.1

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