[Pro] A user who thinks Freeway Pro ...

My opinion on the Freeway Pro

Definitely every day that passes and functions more as a tool using Freeway Pro.

I check the quality and capacity of a powerful and versatile software, but what surprises me most is the team behind the development, allows me to work with external codes and interprets very successful my designs, I have only one complaint and lack of updated instructions and tutorials.

Otherwise, it is a mature software, solid and safe and can work on foot when necessary.

Your personal advisor me timely and quick and clear, but I have to think like big kids have something good to redesign the GUI, a touch of modernity and be a little more intuitive for those who come after.

They are good to think big that’s what Steve differentiate the rest of us.

A work question in any module to integrate Parallax,

Well I hope you understand my poor English is the translator and I want to be clear.

I think as a user of Freeway Pro since its inception is the time to think big …

A recommendation for new users are not afraid is a friendly computer software and support helps them when needed.

All this I say this week that passes through a crisis with a client and team work Softpress timely and quick to provide necessary assistance and is invaluable in the design industry and development of the website when it has professionals.

Thanks to all the team Softpress


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