[Pro] Actions Please!

Hi all

I’m a frequent Freeway user and am content with the many Actions that enhance my sites both free and pay for. Not being a Coder, I find them really great.

I just wish that Freeway would include as Core Actions:
A Sticky Footer Action and
A Search Site Action.

Having said this I think myself and others would be more than happy to pay for such Actions.

I believe that these two features would be of great use in site development.

So many of the search site features out there are expensive “bolt on’s” and the use of stickyfooters speaks for itself for navigation and info bars at the bottom of pages.

I keep an eye on ActionsForge and interesting to see site search is No.1 in the wish list and search engine recently added to the wish list.

So, this is a request to you Actioneers out there - I’ll pay for these ones gladly. Help make Freeway easier and more feature rich!



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