[Pro] Add Search to CSS Menus?

With SoftPress2 up and running, it makes sense to discuss improvements. CSS Menus hasn’t been updated in ages. Take a look at Apple.com or most any site these days and you’ll find a magnifying glass icon sitting at the far right. Click it, and it expands to the left over the menus. Drupal does that too, as shown here:


Click the white magnifying glass on that Drupal site. Note how the navibar menus fade. The search field expands to the left and covers all of “About” and part of “Marketplace” but all other links in that navi-bar remain clickable. Click outside and the search field retracts, showing only the magnifying glass again.

I think this would be a nice addition to the CSS Menu Action, especially if it can be accomplished without jQuery/Prototype/etc. Placeholder text should of course be user customizable. Magnifying glass icon should either be a 144ppi graphic or SVG. Color of the search field and the text inside should also be customizable.

I was able to update my existing search field located at the bottom left of my web pages using CSS and pure JS, as shown here:

But not all my web pages are short like that one and so putting the search field atop and at right would be more natural and mimic what we see across the web. But doing that with my CSS menubar in a way that hides the bar when the search field expands is proving to be rather challenging. I like a good GUI anyway, which is why I think such a feature would be well suited to an updated CSS Menus action.


James W.

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