[Pro] [Ann] Paul’s Buttons gets an update

I have updated my Paul’s Buttons Action. This update brings some changes that I hope people will find useful and helpful.

1 - You can design your own buttons more freely now. There is a “freestyle” option which gives you a lot of control over the colours, gradients and curves used. You can also add shadows both outside and inside the buttons. I am using CSS3 for these, so there are a number of options, such as varying X and Y radius curves on corners - which will allow you to create buttons which have more than the usual regular rounded. As I am using CSS3 for the Freeway preview, it is only a small leap to:

2 - A new variation of the Action which you apply to layered HTML items. This uses CSS3 to style the box, which gives you graphic free buttons. Just a word of caution here - not all browsers support CSS3, and not all CSS3 supporting browsers support everything at the moment, so buttons created this way will appear differently from browser to browser. I have added in a mechanism to help older versions of Internet Explorer support some (but not all) of the CSS3 features created. Instructions for downloading and installing this helper code - CSS3PIE.htc - is on my web site.

3 - Saving your designs - you can save the Freestyle designs for re-use. Designs saved in the CSS3 version of the Action can be used in the graphic version of the Action (and vice versa).

More on the Paul’s Buttons Action can be found here: http://www.actionsworld.com/Actions/paulsbuttons/

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