[Pro] [ANN] Text on a Curve Action (Beta)

Hi, all,
a while back I posted the results of an Action that allows you the freedom to run text along an uneven line, similar to effects achievable in applications like Illustrator and InDesign. You use standard Freeway interface elements, and the Action converts the output into SVG data that will display the results. It also builds a bitmap image for browsers that don‘t support SVG as a fallback. However, that should be less and less necessary as time goes on.

The Action is currently in beta - it struggles a bit with getting styles from external CSS files (it actually does manage to do this, but it can take more than one publish to get the desired result).

Long term - I want this to be an Action I can sell, but while I feel the output is pretty much there, the CSS issue means that for now, I can’t ask for money for it. That said, I’d love to let people play with it, so I’ve pushed out a beta for you. Use at your own risk, and please read the notes on the page before you use it! They explain a little of what the Action does, and why certain things happen.

Freeway 6 Pro is required to use this Action.


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