[Pro] Any action developers out there for hire?


Are there any developers willing to take on a quick job? After recent google algo changes, I find myself desperately in need an action for my FW Pro 7 sites to tide me over before I can make the transition to Xway, so am looking hire a developer to create it.

I’d pay for the job, but would also be more than happy for the action to be posted on the Actions Forge page for others to enjoy for free.

The action I am looking for is an accordion creation tool, with the following features:

  • works on freeway pro 7
  • can adjust styles, alignment, spacing etc really easily within the action
  • responsive, work son mobile and web-browsers
  • has rotating arrowheads options
  • ideally pure HTML, but as long as google can read it and rank it, that’s fine
  • doesn’t slow down web page load speed
  • doesn’t require me to do coding work, or to adjust files for css, styles etc

The reason this action is needed so urgently, is that the google algorithm is now crawling and ranking accordion Q&A paragraphs in the listings, which can be a huge source of traffic, or lost traffic, if you don’t have them on the site.

Equally importantly, on text-heavy pages, accordions are essential for mobile user experience, saves visitors needing to scroll so much to find information, which helps lower the bounce rate, which also has a huge impact on google rankings.

If anyone can help and take the job on, that would be amazing!



[PS - I tried the scriptyaccordion action, but couldn’t get it to work and also, would have needed to understand css coding etc to get arrowheads rotating]

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