[Pro] Cache control advice

I’ve tried to keep my web pages lean, so they are loading quite fast without my having added any cache-control to my .htaccess so far. For example, Chrome’s download result for the home page using Chrome’s Network tool, with “Disable cache” checked, gives these numbers:

9 requests,
80.7 KB transferred,
119 KB Resources,
Finish: 758 ms,
DOMContentLoaded: 425 ms,
Load: 660 ms

With Chrome’s cache enabled, here are the numbers:

9 requests,
8.3 KB transferred,
119 KB Resources,
Finish: 476 ms,
DOMContentLoaded: 355 ms,
Load: 379 ms

Question 1: With those good results, should I even bother adding some cache controls to my .htaccess? Might they perhaps even be counter-productive?

Question 2: Would a very basic cache-control such as Header set Cache-Control “no-cache, public” perhaps add a bit of speed to the download? As I think I understand it, the oft-misunderstood “no-cache” does NOT mean “do not cache.” Rather, it just checks the server to see that there have been no changes to the page, and if there are no changes it then tells the browser to go ahead and use its cached copy. Do I have that right? If so, will this speed things up a bit more than what I’m getting now? Or should I just leave well enough alone? Thanks for any advice.


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