[Pro] creative suggestion needed...


Any suggestion would be great…

I have a special new part of my site where the students are going into a “math help room.”

They press an icon to go in (another webpage), but instead of going right to the help page, it goes to a page with big DOORS as if they are going in to the room for real. I think I like it for now.

My question is…

I made the big doors as a page background to load faster. I put an empty graphic box over it that is hyperlinked to the room so the kid could “push” the door" and bring them to the help room… It is a work in progress.

Is there a better way for this? Like maybe some timed redirect so when the firs ticon and see big doors, it then goes to the next page on own?

Also, for some reason the current idea does not work ideally on my phone as the empty graphic box which I laid over the big doors does not line up perfect and when I go to click the doors it is not hitting the link. Not loving current way.

Anyway, here is the page with the big doors for an idea…


Thanks for a creative suggestion.


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