[Pro] Deconstructing Responsive

Hi everyone,

I know I’m not alone in trying to wrap my head around this awesome thing of responsive design. Thomas, I have this idea for a video and maybe it’s too complex, but here goes…

I’ve looked at the softpress templates. I’ve looked at backdraft. With both, I’ve attempted to deconstruct them and learn “how did they do that?” I’ve had some success building responsive-ish sites just through inline features alone and careful clear and float settings I’ve learned from Thomas’ videos. I’ve also read, but not completely understood, Ernie’s (I think it’s Ernie!) experience with building responsive sites that are not in-line sites.

I would love to hear someone talk about these different methods of creating responsive sites. Opinions, how and why, some are more useful for specific cases.

Maybe it’s too vast a topic for a Thomas video, but I’d love to listen to a discussion here…

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