[Pro] Dynamic CMS

Following on from the question of how best to setup a multilingual site, I’d appreciate any help with the practicalities of how best to do this in FW.

I’m not interested in using a CMS to enable me to edit page content in a browser.

I am interested in Walter’s description of using a database backend so that I have a single set of webpages and for the content to be dynamically supplied from the database according to the choice of language.

To wit :

My web-host (Gandi.net) supports MySQL 5.6 and phpMyAdmin (PHP 7 and PHP 5.6). So … I create the MySQL database and fill it with the appropriate data using phpMyAdmin.

Back in FW :

1/ How do I link a textbox in my FW document, to the MySQL database?

2/ How do I use the data relationally so that it feeds the file according to language choice?

2/ Can I use actions? (God I hope so :slight_smile: )

3/ How does this work responsively?

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