[Pro] Ecommerce and freeway

I am just embarking on my first online shop. I have been ‘playing’ around with Mal’s as the e-but stuff comes with Freeway. I have seen a lot written about Tim Plumbs suite. Is this a better option?
I noticed when i was setting up the e-commerce actions following the standard ‘fluffy’ shop tutorial on the softpress site that there was a verification option. Here i am having probs. On the verification area at Mal there are several options. I left it as hash validator and got a code which i input in the action window on the site folder. It looked, however as though a different code would be generated for each item? is this correct or is the code i received good for the whole site. Either way at the moment it won’t work. If i activate the verification at either end my browser just throws up an error. Only when it is disabled at both ends to i see the cart. What am i doing wrong? How do i get the cart to display in an iframe? That’s enough questions for now. Hope you guys can help me.

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