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I have successfully created a folder and page for an HTML email in Freeway Pro 6.0.2, applied the “page email action” and then placed some sample content into the page. After uploading it, I can see the content in Safari on the web and other browsers as it should appear. If I want to mail this myself using Safari, I can do that, of course. However, when I complete the page with the final content I want, I want to send the content to a mailing service for them to send the email for me. I guess due to general ignorance of HTML, I cannot figure out how to create the file they need. They have asked for a .txt file of the HTML. I can copy the source code of the page using Safari or Firefox and then paste it into Textwrangler, but Textwrangler saves the file as an .htm file. Once I create the file the mailing service needs, I would like to test it myself by sending it out of Apple mail. I want to see how it looks when received in various other email clients and to ensure that the image are fetched correctly from the site so they appear in the recipient’s email. I also need to know how to actually place the content into my Apple mail email for sending. I am on Mountain Lion. Thanks for any advice. Ted


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