[Pro] employment application form

Sorry guys, forgot to attach the example link in last post.Here is the one with link.

5.4 Pro

Hi guys,

It has been a while since my last post, you can tell by the freeway version I am working at the moment,so bear with me. I was wondering what will be the best way to create the same form or similar to the example link. I have never created a form like this.The form is an employment application form in which users submit their info to the company offering the job with upload file capabilities, so here is the deal:

1.If you look at the example the form has 4 columns: 2 descriptor columns(name,email,address,etc) and 2 input fields columns in the same table. Can this be done and work properly, even if added more columns-6-8?.

2.The form has to have fields to upload files like resume, cover letter. Can this type of form be created without the need for a cms or database?

3.I know there is a upload file and upload extras actions. Can the use of these actions do the job without the cms/database?How can I implement those actions?-I’ve never used them before.

4.”THIS ONE IS very important” there will be a social security number input field which I’d like it to work like password encrypted. How do I encrypt or hide the typed info?

Any suggestions/solutions will be greatly appreciated.




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