[Pro] Excluding Pages from sitemap (the visuell one, not the xml one

Hi there,

I am actually starting to work again a little bit more with freeway, and I found something during work, were I couldn’t find a solution to.

I am still working with 5.6. and I added a sitemap action to a page (I mean the visual one that generates an overview of all my pages so the user can jump to all the pages.)

I have a 404 error page and I told the action to exclude it (I typed in 404.) Until there everything works as expected , but I have more pages to exclude - a error Page for a contact form and a success page. I can typ what I want - I do not get the action to exclude more than the 404 page. I used , or ; or nothing than a blank space.

Any Ideas on how to solve this?

best regards


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