[Pro] Exhibeo responsive examples missed

Later today I have a meeting with a possible new client, who likes to show his work as interior designer. That means slideshows or galleries or…

For preparation I checked the exhibeo examples at softpress website because I haven’t used exhibeo themes for a while and not in FW7.

I really like exhibeo, but to be honest I really miss at the softpress site:

  1. True responsive examples on a responsive page.
  2. Detailed info’s which theme is truly responsive and which not
  3. Infos of what can be influenced in a theme by myself (size of controls, textbehavour, etc.) and the capability in mobile devices ( wipe pictures,…)

After a quick trial on www.softpress.com/exhibeo/ …. These questions came up:


The „showtime theme“ is responsive at one hand, but the page itself not. The controls are much to tiny in my iPhone.

How are the controls displayed in a true responsive page made in FW7? Especially in 320 px width. Can I control the sizes of the controls; will text / captions adapt and be flexible in text sizes,…?


It is nice on a wide screen, but on my iPhone the usage it’s a bit chaotic, I am to stupid to close the pop up. This is not what I can “sell” my client at first sight. Will this change on a page made by FW7?


Nice theme, but on Smartphone also difficult when the device is first held as landscape and then changed to portrait, the page is not flexible, not adapts: the photo is cut. Will it be correctly displayed in a FW 7 webpage?

It is my personal favourite theme.
I wonder though what will happen with text/captions in a responsive surrounding?


Sure, I have to test these themes in exibheo and online in a FW7 surrounding later.

But in order not to have to set up very single theme on my own and test it online, - not only for my preparation and preselection, but also to show clients examples online - examples made with FW7 on the softpress pages would come in very handy!

Would you be so nice and share your responsive examples made in FW7?

Thanks a lot!

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