[Pro] Flash help

Normally, I like to create my Flash files so that they are self-contained in one folder. This is the reason for my whole rant!

Okay, this isn’t going to be a perfect-world solution, but you CAN stop Freeway from putting the Flash files into a folder separate from the HTML file that uses it.

Just go to File > Document Setup, click the Output tab, and set the Resources option to With HTML Files. Now all the resources - yes, everything - will be put at the same level as your HTML files…

A workaround. But while you’re shuddering at the thought of your cluttered web root directory, consider this: Freeway takes care of the majority of the files you’re trying to juggle. With the above trick and a bit of creative use of in-document folders and Upload Stuff actions, you could even get it all working through Freeway. Which would mean that not only does no visitor see that the site’s file structure is a bit, well, unstructured (at least as far as resource files go)… nor do you. :slight_smile:


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