[Pro] Folder name conundrum using the auto feature in the Responsive CSS Menu Action

(I asked this question deep in a thread elsewhere, and trying again in its own thread)

Humans like NAV menu items to communicate clearly — sometimes needing more than one word. We also like the convention of putting spaces between the words, not hyphens or underlines. “Contact us” not “Contact-us” or “Contact_us”.

Computers see a blank space and render it as “%20.” At least some computers don’t like "%20"s in URLs, and when I see them I think the designer should know better.

But when I use the auto feature of the Responsive CSS Menu Action it takes the name I give a folder and uses it for humans in the NAV menu item and for computers in the URL, forcing one to optimize for readers or for computers, but not for both.

Is there any way to use this auto feature to optimize for each, as the inspector allows you to do for pages by providing the distinction between titles and file names?

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