[Pro] Google AdSense problem

Hello everyone,
Having some difficulty with the Google AdSense plugin that came with the FreewayPro 6.1.1
Everything is done finely as you can see on the site (http://www.figuredrawingonline.com/Figure_Drawing_Online_Free_Stuff_menu.html), the ads are showing, however my Google AdSense account doesn’t see the ads. I have contacted experienced users via the AdSense forum and so far the best they can see is:
“The code doesn’t look quite right. Can you try generating the ad code in your AdSense account as adding it to your template directly, perhaps in a Text or HTML/Javascript widget?”
I’m assuming getting the code from my account is simply copying it, however the rest of the advice doesn’t make much sense to my level of experience. Could anyone look at the page and give me some advice on how to fix it or how to get the AdSense advice done. Many thanks in advance.


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