[Pro] Google map action Geocode error

I’m hoping someone on this forum can help me resolve an issue my Freeway-made site has started experiencing, only in the last few weeks.

The site uses the Google Maps action to show the location of our holiday villa in Croatia. Up until recently, we’ve never had a problem with it and everything worked fine. Now all of a sudden, any pages with a google map of our villa’s location have started coming up with an error in the browser:

Geocode was not successful for the following reason: ZERO_RESULTS

Previously we’d used the Simple address value in the action, which worked fine. We found out the name of the street had changed, so updated the address in the action panel, but it still gave the error. Then I tried switching to the advanced setting and using attitude and longitude values, but is still comes up with the ZERO RESULTS error.

Weirdly, the pages are still returning maps and the locations on the maps are correct - but we just keep getting the geocode error in the browser (confirmed in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari).

Can anyone help me get rid of the annoying error message or advise new values or changes I should make within the google maps action window to get rid of this error?


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