[Pro] Help populating Freeway Template

Our Freeway Carousel 2 dependent site that we’ve been updating since 2010 or so broke with the switch over to HTTPS. Because we want to move to a responsive site anyway, we purchased Freeway 7 along with all the templates and Exhibeo. I don’t have the time and brainpower (though I’ve tried) to learn the ins and outs well enough to get a new site up and running. We are looking for someone who can massage and populate RETRO’D, and add 3 Exhibeo Thumbie slide shows. We’d update the color palette, provide the slide shows (these instead of the static boxes on the template). Is anyone super familiar with how the template works and willing to work with us to make it happen?

We’ve got a very temporary solution on our site now… and want to replace it asap.

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