[Pro] Horizontally centre a repeating background

If you have ever wished you could repeat the page background image from the horizontal centre out then here is how it can be done:

  1. Create a new document
  2. Within the inspector palette click on the background tab
  3. In the image drop-down choose your image
  4. Choose these settings: Horizontal:Center and Vertical:Top
  5. Now go to edit/styles and click the plus button to add a new style
  6. in the tag field type this: body and hit tab make sure there is nothing in the name field
  7. click the extended button and add this in the name field: background-repeat and this in the value field: repeat-x

What this will do is add the repeat attribute to the already horizontally centred background. This attribute is one which would be handy, but is missing from the available choices within the inspector palette.

Thats it you now have an image that is centred horizontally and is repeating from the centre out…

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