[Pro] How to place Flash Catalyst files in Freeway and on Your Server!....

This is my first post, but I absolutely had to post this information for people who use Flash Catalyst CS5. This particularly is for people who want to place Flash Catalyst files on your website that particularly contain Flash Videos in them. NOTE that this thread assumes that you have some experience in creating Flash Catalyst projects. So, here goes:

  1. After creating your Flash Catalyst CS5 project (and have performed the “File/Publish to SWF” command, go to your Freeway Pro file.
  2. Insert the file (from your “deploy-to-web” folder in your Flash Catalyst file), “Main.swf” into your Freeway Pro file
  3. Upload the changes to your server in Freeway through the “File/Upload” command

Now, here is the critical part:

  1. Go to the “assets” folder of your Flash Catalyst file
  2. Copy and paste the “assets” folder to the “Resources” folder of your website (on the server). In order to do that, you will need to use an FTP client (such as Transmit, etc.) to do it.

That should make your video play correctly! If you have any questions or feedback, simply respond back to me in this post, as this should be the answer to many users of Flash Catalyst out there that wanted to know how to publish their video files through Freeway!

Hope this helps!

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