[Pro] Initial photo blurred in certain Exhibeo 2 themes

I presume I am doing something wrong, but when I create an Exhibeo gallery in at least two of the themes, namely Bloxx and Thumblie, and install it into Freeway Pro and then do a preview using Safari, I get a single image of the first photo in the gallery and it is blurred. In Bloxx, for example, if I click on the blurred photo, clear thumbnails of the images in the gallery appear on the page. I haven’t uploaded a sample page because it simply doesn’t look good. I have been having no trouble with Photoswipe.

Just to include a link, I’ve put a link to a page in which I used Photoswipe and you can see it works well for my purposes (incidentally a personal website and not commercial), but it would be nice if I could figure out how to use the other themes properly.

If nececessary I could upload a page using one of the bad galleries for reference.

Thanks for any help.


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