[Pro] Issues of using FW on two or more Mac's

From the outset of moving from iWeb to Freeway it was a fundamental requirement for me that i needed the scope to continue web site development across more that one mac system. Up until now i seem to have been successful at that as i make sure all the sites resources are within the same folder ad that i copy across from each system the relevant Applications Support folders from the Library. However today have discovered a problem that could cause some concern unless the Forum can offer some assistance.

I have a web site under development with 14 pages and each page has a series of pictures (4) in a graphic item that has the " Target Show/Hide Layer" Action applied.

Now that i have moved my development of this site to another Mac system i have discovered that i get an error on every instance on the “Target show/Hide Layer” with the error message

ACTION CANNOT BE USED. The following Actions have been incorrectly applied and will be ignored…

The error does not give any opportunity to repair the situation… what is the best remedy for this situation and is this an error i have created or is this a limitation on FW?



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