[Pro] Last post for awhile

Dear friends,

As many of you know, I use my gmail account to receive and reply to your posts to the FreewayTalk list. Recently I received notification of a problem with my account and that these emails would cease. Looking into it further, it seems the software that powers our server’s mail list has become outdated with regard to some email providers (gmail as just one) and their updated servers. I’ve been told that the fix, until the SP software is itself updated, is to use a non-gmail account.

Unfortunately, I am disinclined to do this. I am quite happy with gmail, it enjoys a fine reputation, and is the least spammy of any email provider I know of. It seems that I will still be able to post to, and monitor the list from the web, but that’s really not my style and so will be unlikely.

Now, since I won’t be be able to closely monitor any replies to this, let me address the obvious - "Isn’t it super easy to set up another email account to receive list posts with?"

The answer is absolutely yes. Setting up email accounts is ridiculously easy. However, I think that it’s just one more flaming hoop too many to have to jump through and I’ve plenty of those already.

So I hope the FWT mail list gets an upgrade soon, and I will wish you all well in your Freeway Pro journeys. I’ll still be available by my gmail account.

Best wishes, always…

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