[Pro] Lightroom or Exhibeo

Hi chaps, wasn’t sure whether to put this here or the Exhibeo forum … so I have now done both.

I am in the early stages of a new website for the town where I live, I’ve managed to create a ‘gallery’ page in Lightroom, it’s pretty easy, if I want to add a new image I go to L’room drag the new shot into the correct folder and click ‘upload’ then I go to my Freeway project and go to the iFrame and click on the external hyperlink (the folder of images sits in my site folder), and upload … job done. Now we have a new theme in Exhibeo I am tempted to buy it … the drawback is I will now have to export from Lightroom into a local folder and I think updating will be a little cumbersome … can anyone with more knowledge than I (that includes all of you) please have a look at the link and tell me if they think there are any advantages to me using Exhibeo please ?



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