[Pro] Link to New Window Action can't be used twice

Hello Everyone!
I have a quick question.

I have a site I’m making for a friend, and I use the “link to new window” action on the index page to make the browser the exact size we’d like for the photos in the background.

The only problem is I can’t use the link to new window action again in the menu for a pop up photo gallery, it just takes me to that page in the SAME window as the site so if they were to close the gallery window - the site disapears - because it did not make a new window. Or they have to go back through all the other pages viewed in the photo gallery to be able to get back to the site.

Anyone know how to use the “link to new window” action twice on a site? So a pop up window within a popup window essentially. Thanks in advance for your expertise, I’m at a loss. :slight_smile:

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