[Pro] little problem with uploading

freeway pro 5.5 osx 10.6.8


i’ve done something, i think, what made something worse.
I’ve cleaned my mac, it was a it filled, so transported everything to a hard disk, also freeway and the resources of it.
then after cleaning my mac, i brought freeway back n the mac, but the photo’s and resources still on the disk.
now i’m trying to upload my site again, and i get the message

(-5000 not the right priveleges or whatever, it means rights to publish or something.

it happend to the other site to, but that one is just one page, so i rebuilded it, and uploaded it, and it worked.

can it be the problem that my resources, like 1k picture’s are moved to another disc?

i checked out the forum before on error -5000 but did find some treads, but not my awnser.

can someone tell me what i should do, or is it easyer to copy the whole site to a new one and publish it from there, like i did to the smaller one.

many thanx

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