[Pro] Locked CSS Menu

Silly and naive question coming up here… I have a CSS Nav Bar that I’ve created on a master page using “CSS Menus” Action. It lives on the master page. I’ve noticed that every time I add something to my child pages the CSS menu goes behind whatever I added. I go back to the master page and bring it to the front and all is well with the world.

Now that I’m almost done with this site it occurred me that perhaps I could used the “lock” button in the inspector pallet to keep it in the front most position. I’ve used the lock button to keep things in place “horizontally” on the page, but I’ve never thought of using it to maintain “stacking order.” Would that work?

I could just try it, but since I’m moments away from sending this site live I don’t want to screw something up in the final hour! And, if there’s anyone else out there bringing their CSS menu to the front hundreds of times, perhaps they can benefit from my minor embarrassment!

Thanks everyone!



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