[Pro] Mark-up item form elements needs centering in table

Hi everyone,

How do you centre form elements that are inserted via a markup item into a table with the php block action added to it?

The code that is inserted into the mark-up item is this:

<form method="POST" action="http://ww5.aitsafe.com/cf/add.cfm">
            <input type=HIDDEN name="userid" value="xxxxxx">
            <input type=HIDDEN name="product" value='$myPartnumber $myDescription'>
            <input type=HIDDEN name="discountpr" value='$myDiscprmat'>
            <input type=HIDDEN name="units" value='$myWeight'>
            <input type=HIDDEN name="return" value='$return'>
            <input type="qty" name="qty" size="1"value="1">
            <input type="SUBMIT" value="Buy">

I want all this to be centered and smaller in the table.

Also How do I get the form submit button (Buy) smaller, it’s quite large at the moment.

Thanks to Tim Plum for supplying the basis of the form code…

See here for the page in question:


This is a test page so only a few of the links work, the main site doesn’t have the discount breaks or quantity input area yet. When all this works well and looks as I want, I’ll update the main site.

Thanks in anticipation,


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