[Pro] MooTools Slimbox & Accordion Question

I have a multi-page lightbox on a site I’m developing. Is there a way to have the “Next” page description show when the lightbox loads? I realize it pops in when you move your mouse a bit to the right, but wanted to be sure people knew there was more than one page.

Also anyway to move the close button to the top of the lightbox. I would use Scriptylightbox, but I also have a MooTools accordion on the page as well.

Accordion question: Is there a way to have different slimbox link color from the Accordion settings. for example, my slimbox/lightbox opens from a link within the accordion html box. The accordion headings have a dk green bold when hovered over or active. My slimbox/lightbox links have defaulted to the same dk green bold. I was hoping to have them a different color.

Site is not yet posted, but may be able to put it up for testing if that helps.


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