[Pro] mootools Smooth Scroll to Anchors java scrip error

Please help. Something has gone wrong with my system.

I’ve used the Smooth Scroll action without any problems in the past and now I’m getting a crazy error:

“Necessary Support File not found in action bundle. Expected location: [[Settings: mootoolsOptions.txt]]”. And then it says “invalid property id” when I try to clear the error.

Can anyone help me resolve the problem?

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And here’s the answer to the question if anyone else should run into the same issue.


I have not made any significant changes to this Suite for FW5. Mainly because I have not yet noted any difficulties. If you stumble upon a problem, please let me know; I am committed to keeping the bug count as low as possible.

The terms ‘Freeway 4’ and ‘Freeway 5’ are used interchangeably below (unless specifically noted).

Now, on to the standard boilerplate stuff…

Thank you for using Mootools Suite. I hope you find the tools contained within valuable and time saving.

I have tried to include a (’?’) button with each of the Actions to help you along by bringing up a brief description of the Action or a particular feature. Also present, is the separate, complete Documentation .pdf for the suite that covers all the settings and features, as well as some common issues you may encounter.

This is the first release for this major update, including new features and Action components. I have made every effort to iron out any bugs that may have creep in during development, and my beta testers have diligently put the Actions through their paces. But, I may have mangled something while packaging the Suite for your consumption. Please report any bugs or issues to me at:


You will fall into one of two groups; 1) those upgrading from a previous version of Mootools Suite, or 2) those installing for the first time.

Please be sure Freeway is not running before you begin installation


Upgraders need to follow a few steps to assure a smooth transition.
First and foremost, please close and quit any running instances of Freeway.

To assure a smooth transition to the latest version, you will have to perform some things manually within Finder.

  1. Navigate to the Freeway Action folder, typically:
    ~/Application Support/Freeway 5/Actions/
    Inside you should find the old Mootools version probably in its own folder: ‘Mootools Suite’. It may just be a single file though.

!!! If you want to save the old version, COPY (did I mention to COPY, not move) the previous Mootools Suite to some other location. The desktop is fine, as long as it is outside the Freeway Action folder !!!

  1. Highlight and ‘move to Trash’ the old Mootools Suite (and all of its contents if it was a folder) (See note below about ‘Mini Add-ons’)
  2. Empty Trash to completely rid your system of the old version.

Any previous instances of actions from the Moootools Suite will automatically update to the latest version, as installed below.

At this point, you may follow the instructions for ‘New Users’

New Users

Manual installation is necessary for this action set.


  1. Navigate to the Freeway Action folder, typically:
    ~/Application Support/Freeway 5/Actions/

  2. The downloaded Mootools Suite archive should have expanded to a folder that itself contains this readme.txt file, documentation, and a folder named ‘Mootools Suite’. Highlight this folder and move to the Actions folder noted in Step 1.

This should be all that is needed, and the actions will show in their respective places, ie the Item.Actions submenu, etc…

Congratulations, you’re ready to use the Mootools Suite.


The moo:Slimbox Action includes capabilities for themes. This feature continues in this version as well. However, to navigate to the new location, you will have to right-click on the Mootools Suite file in the Freeway Action folder, and select ‘Show Package Contents’. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of files, the familiar SlimboxThemes folder is still there.

If needed, you can use the same slimbox theme folders from your previous installation once added to the new location.

External Files

As mentioned, there are a number of files inside the Mootools Suite package. These are mainly js, css and image files. This should allow the community to keep up with any changes in the source libraries without my direct intervention. You are more than welcome to change and update the source libraries as you see fit, however, I cannot be of support for any changes from the ‘standard’ installation. There have been moderate changes to many of the libraries to support integration and compatibility with Freeway.


since 1.1p2 -
Made a slight modification to the Applescript routine used to shrink images. Nothing should need to be done on your end, expect any pages with existing actions will be ‘dirtied’ and republished.
Additionally, a simple alert has been included to note incompatibilities with Prototype. This should cover Walter Davis’ and Freeway’s shipping Actions. I have tried to make the alert useful. But, without significant coding changes (which are better spent on future revisions/improvements/compatibility), I could not prevent all page modifications if such an incompatibility is found. The alert operates more as a notice that things may not behave as expected on output. The alert is set to appear during the publish cycle with information about the offending page. Also, the alert can be ‘disabled’ by editing the ‘mootoolsOptions.txt’ file in the ‘Settings’ folder inside the Action bundle. Future config settings will be made here, so updates will likely require re-editing this file each the time Action is updated.

since v1.1 -
Added moo:Spawn New Moodalbox as an ‘unofficial’ component of the Suite. It does not have the fool-proofing I would like, as well as having some caveats about application/previewing/operation. See the (?) button in Action interface for this component.


Each download of this action is meant for a single, licensed copy of Softpress Freeway. Please do not share these commercial versions.
I will provide support to the best of my abilities through the email address provided. However, there may be circumstances where this Action fails to perform. I have made every effort to prevent this, but I cannot foresee every possible circumstance and use of this Action. I cannot be held responsible for lost work or time due to use of this action.
Please contact me for upgrades to this Action. Similar-version updates and bug fixes will be provided at no cost. Contact me and I will send you the most recent version.
No refunds will be given. However, I will try my best to work with you to solve any issues you may have. ‘Coastal Designer Rugs’ is the family business for which I work. This is effectively a pseudo-name, and a matter of convenience as the business already has this PayPal account established.

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Duane, I’m encountering a problem with the Mootools suite, hope you can help me. First of all, I just doubled clicked, on the Mootools suite while FW Express was open so I screwed up right away. Anyway, went into the Application support/Freeway actions pulled everything out (every mootools files I could find, trashed everything), rebooted, but am still getting the following when I launch a particular file/site I’m working on (ONLY this particular site, none of my many other sites get the following messages upon launch):

Necessary Support File not found in action bundle, Expected location. [[Setting:mootoolsOptions.txt]] (note: I manually removed this ([[Setting:mootoolsOptions.txt]] and put it in the trash with all the rest.

Action may not function properly.

Then I get a JavaScript Error box that reads:
Action: moo:Slimbox Modifiers
invalid property id

I removed all the photos that I had been using mootools, nothing has a mootools action, I still get said messages upon the launch of the file/site every single time.

I really like mootools, want to start fresh, please pass along any suggestion to eliminate the messages at launch. I know now how to properly install. Many thanks, Marcos

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