[Pro] MySQL Get Records


The site that I maintain has a mysql database that is queried with the “MySQL Get Records” Action. All was well until I updated to Freeway Pro 7 when the action that was on a master page started to insert duplicate php code into the page.

I thought by deleting the action on the master page would cure this, but even though there is not a Master Page action, it still inserts duplicate code on most of the pages.

It seems that there is still a bit of lingering code that is related to the action that was on the master page.

Is there any way to purge the master page of old code?

The link is to the updated pages, which are not live. You probably won’t see the php code as this is on the page on the server and as such gets interpreted. I have also updated the MySQL Get Records action to use the newer MySQLi function. (along with the Connect to database action)

Any help gratefully received.



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