[Pro] Page should not dictate control, Items should


If I enlarge an element on a child page by 1 px, the connection to the Master page has been broken. FRUSTRATING TO NO END.

I have tried to figure out a way to have Freeway build a page with a body and a footer where the body could be expandable and the footer push lower, under the body. I want to do this without having to manually adjust each page…and keep the master page elements connected to the Master page. Let me explain further.

Here is how I have attempted this.

create Master page
draw on the html item (full length and width as page to be used as a container
insert 2 html items inside that container html (one for body…one for footer)
(put padding on the body html of 100 or so px, to push it down on the page)

Inside these two inserted html items, I insert pre-created art or text for the footer item, and pull the bottom border of the body item to be a certain length.

Then, I create pages based on that Master.

On those created pages, they will need to be of varied length, so I drag the bottom of the body to be the appropriate size needed. As soon as I drag the “body” section of one of the pages, it immediately becomes detached from the Master page. This weekend, I worked and worked on a site and every time I dragged the bottom of one of the body pages (allowing a larger space and thus pushing the “footer” element of the body lower) it became disconnected from the Master page.

This is very frustrating. I was thinking about this and wondering…the least little change can BREAK the connection to the Master page. Why is Freeway designed this way? Would it not be much simpler if the program were designed, instead of with a master page based setup…with a MASTER ELEMENT based setup. If the ITEMS…were MASTER ITEMS…that allowed NOTHING to break their connection, no matter what page they were inserted on. To me this would be much better approach. The items could have settings in their inspector boxes that said ALLOW MASTER CONTENT CHANGE, and ALLOW MASTER ARRANGEMENT CHANGE.

If this were the way that the program was based, it would save a lot of work chasing which pages became disconnected with the master. Currently, one pixel of movement causes an entire page to break connection with the Master. THIS SHOULD NOT BE.

I have labored hours over sites trying to deal with the ‘pages losing connection to the master’ issue.
If the items were designed to not break…EVER…unless you checked the boxes allowing the items to break, pages would be free to be designed in any manner, any length, some boxes changing while others would NEVER lose their content connected to the master.

If I do a site, and a customer wants one line of text or graphic to be on the front page, and if I drag a certain whatever…the connection is lost and I have to re-apply the Master page command, which causes for double artwork to appear, I then have to go through and remove all the extra added artwork.

HOW MUCH SIMPLER THIS WOULD BE IF THE DESIGNER ALONE HAD THE CONTROL OVER WHICH ITEMS COULD LOSE THEIR CONNECTION. Pages could be freely changed, and items would only lose their connection, only if I decided the items could by checking or unchecking settings in the inspector.



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If you want to make a footer which is glued to the bottom of the page, there’s an Action for that:


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