[Pro] PHP Feedback Form Questions

Yeah, the client wanted to test it, so she use George Clooney. The email address was george(at)yahoo(dot)com!

I doubt that’s Mr Clooney’s email address. :slight_smile:
There is absolutely no way that you can possibly tell whether an email address is valid beyond checking to see if the domain name exists. And I don’t have to even have the same name as someone else in order to use that in an email address. If I wanted to I could set up georgeclooney (at) any of my own domains. I bet that name’s long gone at gmail, and I bet it isn’t used by ‘the’ George Clooney. Quite likely not even by someone called George.

(I realised the other day that if I changed my name to “Keith President” and someone wanted to address me formally they’d have to say “Mr. President”. I like that… :wink:


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