[Pro] Pic to lightbox action

Hi, I have been using the stand alone action named: Pic to lightbox for some time now. It is not the slimbox equivalent available from Mootools, but the stand alone action from Weaver.

I have noticed that on some PC based browsers, Firefox and IE mainly, that by clicking on an image with the action applied to enlarge it, the screen darkens and the pic begins to open as it should, but then suddenly becomes white and the enlarged image simply gets displayed in the top left corner of a browser window.

On all Mac browsers and some PC browser versions the action works as it should.

I am using Freeway 5 Pro. A sample site where the action has been used is: www.flagship-handbags.co.za. View THE COLLECTION . Each image has the action applied to it.

Could anyone suggest how to sort this out?

Matt Covarr

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