[Pro] Re Post from Xway Group:Xway Vs Elementor Vs DIVI for a Novice

And started back at vs 5 if memory serves.

For me not so easy to get through.

Xway is of course a welcome change since the company and product went belly up.

My questions are:

If I am not that savvy to begin with.

Would I be better served with Elementor or Divi vs Freeway?

Or is Wordpress better or worse than a separate build like freeway?

Is there as much “Code Bloat with Freeway as there are with Elementor or Divi?

Which is better at SEO searches etc?

Seriously I am stuck trying to build another site and started with Godaddy Site Builder which to me has become a mistake in
just a few weeks of it being up.

I am writing a book on how to reduce back pain from a patients perspective and need to be able to do Amazon Affiliate sales along with a blog.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Jay Farber

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