[Pro] Responsive CSS menu

Hi. I’m using the Responsive CSS Menu action and have two questions:

  1. I want to have the company logo disappear from the top of the page and become part of the responsive (iPhone) menu to take up less space on the smaller screen. Is it possible to make the “hamburger” trigger container larger? I’d like to use a 320 px wide .png file instead of the default image, or, as I’ve done on the link above, use the logo as a background image and use a blank .png as the trigger. The problem is the trigger is both small and invisible, or the logo is tiny, tiled and illegible within the small container.

  2. Different topic, but is there an “accordion” option available for the responsive menu so you would only be able to see one subsection of menu at a time? Click a header, that portion of the menu expands, etc.

Thanks a bunch, David


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