[Pro] Rollover and Target Show/Hide Layer

I’m getting some odd behaviour with using the ‘Restore: Yes’ option on layers that are required to be hidden until the underlying image is rolled over. The layer will appear to stutter once before appearing, and further stutter if the mouse is moved across the triggering area on the underlying image.

If I use ‘Restore: Sticky’, all behaves as expected, apart from having one layer remaining in the show position when the user rolls off the last image. I’d prefer all layers to go back to being hidden.

In the example below, the top group of five images are on ‘Restore: Yes’ and the rest below are on ‘Restore: Sticky’. Hopefully this will illustrate the problem.

I also think there is a conflict between using the Target Show/Hide layer and using the ‘Leaflet Marker’ action. It works absolutely fine on its own page without any rollovers and Target Show/Hide layer actions.

I’m wondering if there isn’t an easier way to accomplish all the layer showing and hiding?

PS I’ve had to create a new account, as whilst I could log in with the old one, I couldn’t post anything for some strange reason.


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