[Pro] Scriptaculous Flicking in on PC's

Hi Guys

I have recently built a little site for a photographer friend:

As you can see, on the home page there is a slideshow using the Scriptaculous Action. I have followed the ‘How To’ guide and it achieves the desired effect. Brilliant, or so I thought.

When I view this on my MacBook Pro (OS Snow Leopard) in either Safari or Firefox it views fine. The problem is that when it is viewed on a PC using Internet Explorer (I don’t know which version but assume it is the latest) the slideshow flickers from image to image completely at random. For example, it will work fine from images 1 to 3 then it will flick in a split second to images 4 and 5 then be fine to 6, 1, 2 then flick to image 3 etc etc etc.

I have checked that I have created the slideshow as per instruction for Scriptaculous and it all appears fine.

Obviously my concern is that as the majority of people use PCs my friend may well be losing business as, understandably, with photography it’s all about image and if the home page looks bad then this could put people off.

I am only a novice at Freeway so please keep any answers very basic for me. LOL

Please help

James Mansell

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