[Pro] ScriptyFader Conflicts with Rollover Action?

I’m using scriptyfader to do a kind of slideshow with images as thumbnails…if you select an image, right below it, an html box is set as the ‘target’ or ScriptyFader option, that will display. It’s working awesomely, except for one problem. Inside the html ‘target’ box, there are 8 little png images. Each png image is set to have a grey box appear around it when moused over. This worked fine when the html box was not assigned the Scriptyfader Option Action. However, when the action was applied, it this affect totally disappeared…the Rollover Action was used to make this effect. If you visit the example, you’ll see: The top images that are used as thumbnails have this rollover action applied, but the images in the target html box have it applied but not working. Do these 2 actions conflict? What can I do to fix this?

Thanks so much for your help guys!


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