[Pro] Simple Includes Pro not generating includes files

Let’s say that my site has a FW document name of “My Site.freeway.” I have three items on a page, call it Page A, with the action applied to them of “Create Simple Include Pro.” These items have the Create Include labels of H1, V1, and T1. I then have three items on another page, Page B, of the action “Use Simple Include Pro.” The action palette labels for the use-includes correspond to the labels above (H1, T1, V1).

When I preview Page B within FW, FW generates the page file and the include files (example: i_T1.inc), and places them in a subfolder within a folder called “Site Folder.” The subfolder correctly corresponds to the subfolder structure I have set up in FW.

The problem is that FW is NOT generating all of the includes files. Specifically, FW is not generating an include file for the H1 item (the file would be named, “i_H1.inc”), The includes file for H1 is not in the subfolder within the folder called “Site Folder.”

However, the file IS showing up in a folder next to the folder that is named “Site Folder,” and this folder is named “My Site.freeway_” Note the underscore at the end of the folder name.

Also note:

  • All of the create-includes are checked “publish,” “layer”, and “show,” in the Inspector, and “Activate,” and “Remove item” in the action palette.

  • All of the create-includes’ item names match the labels they have in the action palette. (“H1,” “T1,” and “V1.”)

  • All of the use-includes are sized identically to their corresponding create-includes.

  • All of the use-includes are checked “Remotely” and “Activate,” in the action palette.

Why aren’t all of the includes files showing up in the Site Folder subfolder? How can I get them to do so?

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